Joshua’s final winter 2012 game

Saturday was Josh’s last soccer game for the winter. We’ve got a short break before the Spring season begins in late March / early April.

So what did I think of this most recent season? Well. I thought it was okay. I’ve mentioned the problems that we experienced — half of the team dropped out, the coach wasn’t available to attend all of our games, and no practice time. The lack of adequate practice time isn’t anyone’s fault — there is limited time and use of indoor facilities in the winter.

BTW, I had an opportunity to speak to the coach last week when he returned, and my hardened opinion softened tremendously when he told me what happened this season. He wasn’t the original coach — we had no coach. At the first intro practice, the folks running the winter program drafted him to coach when he showed up with his son like everyone else. Ah, the joys of parenting. No wonder. That he ultimately agreed to it is a testament to his good character.

In a way, I sort of enjoyed being a substitute coach. It’s a little stressful because you can only hope the kids will listen to you as your stand on the sidelines, but you’re happy when they do well. We signed up Josh for spring soccer, and I put my name in to volunteer as an assistant coach. I would like to get my feet wet and learn from someone more experienced. Maybe I could be a head coach in the Fall.

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