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Where does he get those wonderful toys? I have the Batmobile and the Batwing.

My wife bought me the Lego 1989 Batwing for Christmas. I love that woman. Considering that I recently put together the 1989 Batman Batmobile, this is an awesome set to own and put on display. There are 2,363 pieces – … Continue reading

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The Batmobile is done, and I’m ready to ride to Gotham’s rescue

We finished the Batmobile! I ended up completing most of it, and the kids jumped at times to help. Surprisingly, we were missing one small piece, but a friend/neighbor had an extra piece from prior Lego projects, and he came … Continue reading

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Our Lego project for 2020 – the 1989 Batmobile

I may be in my mid-40s but I still love Legos. The kids and I have worked on Lego projects on and off for a few years. Our last Lego set was Voltron in 2018. For some reason, we skipped last … Continue reading

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The Ipes have assembled Lego Volton and we are ready to defend the universe

It took us a little longer to get it done than I expected, but I’m happy to announce that we assembled Voltron! Seriously it took us two months on and off to finish building each of the five lions, with … Continue reading

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“Form feet and legs! Form arms and torso! And I’ll form the head!”

The kids started assembling the Voltron Lions this week. I thought I’d be working alongside them but I’ve unfortunately been extremely busy with work. They’re doing a pretty good job on their own. Red and Green lions are done, and … Continue reading

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Our next project – Lego Voltron

Our next fun project – a Lego Voltron. There are 2,321 pieces, people!

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The Ipes completed the LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V set and it’s pretty impressive

During the week between Christmas and New Year’s, Joshua, Lily, and I started a major endeavor – assembling the 1,969 piece Lego NASA Apollo Saturn V set. Growing up, I was a huge fan of the NASA space program. The … Continue reading

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Joshua’s 9th birthday party

Joshua was turning 9 years old this year, and each year, we have to decide whether we should host another children’s birthday party (and go through the all the party planning rigamarole), or just do a private family-type party where … Continue reading

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Midwest Road Trip Day 8 – Our Dating Anniversary

Today is our dating anniversary. I wouldn’t say we make a big deal of it annually, but always try to do a little something. The women have gone off to get a mani/pedi this afternoon, and the boys are hanging … Continue reading

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