The Ipes have assembled Lego Volton and we are ready to defend the universe

It took us a little longer to get it done than I expected, but I’m happy to announce that we assembled Voltron!

Seriously it took us two months on and off to finish building each of the five lions, with the large black lion completed at the end.  We finished the Saturn V in only a few days. Of course, we were on vacation at home for the Christmas holiday season end of last year. This time, we had camp, the London trip, the new school year, and work stuff keeping us all busy.  I don’t remember when we started, but 2,321 pieces later, we are done.

We ordered and received the box back in August. The kids put together the red and green lions first, as they are the smallest and easiest. They worked on the blue and yellow lions next. The yellow lion is unfortunately missing two small pieces under the chin, but Voltron still stands pretty well without them. I’ll have to order replacements for the purposes of completeness. The black lion took a few days on and off because it is seriously large. 

At 2,321 pieces, this was our largest and most complex set kit so far, but we got it done in order to save the universe. It’s currently on display in the Lounge, so feel free to come by and check it out next time you are around. And if you want some time to play with Voltron, we can also arrange that.

We’ve already started researching our next Lego challenge. Suggestions are welcome.

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