I have no money — all of my money is tied up in fancy garage doors

I think it was July or August when our main garage door broke. Specifically, one of the torsion springs snapped, and we’ve been unable to open the door ever since. I had a company come out to look at it We took a recommendation from a neighbor friend and called Precision Garage Doors. According to them, installing new springs would not be cheap, but our rollers were also original builder grade and should also be replaced. And we were somehow looking at almost $800. I pointed out that the previous owners had also left us a dented garage door. If I replaced the doors in the future, could we keep the rollers and springs? No? Argh. Well, we didn’t have time or money in August to deal with it. We had the big London trip coming up to pay for. Once we got back, we lived another month or so with the broken door. We spent time thinking about it, and decided that we should upgrade both doors, both garage door openers, and the rest of the setup. I never got a clear answer if we had to replace everything,  but I didn’t want to install temporary solutions that we could not build off of. We also had an opportunity to replace both openers with quieter belt-driven systems.  For the smaller single garage door, we opted for a lower end model that didn’t have all the whizz-bang features. We didn’t need that for a garage we only open occasionally.  So here we are in October with brand new garage doors and openers. We have brand new hardware for both sides, new LiftMaster garage door openers using belts (instead of noisy chains), and we splurged on windows and decorative hardware. My favorite features so far are that the doors now open when we push the button. A nice side benefit is that I also like how the sunlight streams through the windows and brightens up the garage in the morning. It isn’t important, but it’s a nice plus.
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