Our daughter Lily tested and achieved her 1st Dan black belt in Tae Kenpo last Sunday

Since reaching senior brown belt last year, both Joshua and Lily had been practicing for about a year on making it to black belt. Last June, with lots of practice in his regular forms, self-defense forms, and jo weapons forms, he passed and achieved his 1st Dan black belt in Tae Kenpo.  Lily needed more time, so we tentatively planned for a few months of additional practice so she could solidify her forms and her speech over the summer. Hmmm, in hindsight, her practicing over the summer wasn’t as effective as we had hoped. It was now October, and while her speech was a little shaky but okay, she was stil having difficulty remembering all of her forms.  After speaking with her sensei Master Brook, we made a plan to make the last week of October a concentrated week focused on karate. Happily, Lily was willing and motivated to make the time commitment. For the entire week, we would drop off Lily around 6 PM, and she stayed for 2-3 classes every night working on forms. On some nights, she took a snack with her as well. Josh also helped out by working with Lily on her forms and techniques.  We have great news to share – it worked! On Sunday morning, Lily tested and achieved her 1st Dan black belt in Tae Kenpo. She’s very proud, and it was a great team effort by everyone. To celebrate, we went out for dinner at a nearby Thai restaurant in Plainsboro.
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