Joshua’s 9th birthday party

Joshua was turning 9 years old this year, and each year, we have to decide whether we should host another children’s birthday party (and go through the all the party planning rigamarole), or just do a private family-type party where we do something special. In variably, we do the children’s party, X number of years running. This year, Josh was was very psyched up for a party, so we looked around and decided on a Lego-themed party. We signed him up this year for an after – school program with a local franchise of Bricks 4 Kids. They come to the school, and the kids who have signed up for the program get an hour per week to make stuff with Legos. It’s a varied program, and I hope he’s getting something out of it.

In any case, they also host birthday parties, and just moved to a new location in nearby Robbinsville, NJ. So that’s we did — invited 10-12 of his friends, had them make stuff with Legos, ate pizza, then ate a very fancy Lego-themed cake baked and designed by one of my wife’s coworkers. It went well, with very little leftovers.

Afterwards, my sister and her family came over to hang out for Chinese takeout. And that’s birthday party 1 of 2 this month. Next up? Lily’s party at the end of the month.

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