The Batmobile is done, and I’m ready to ride to Gotham’s rescue

We finished the Batmobile! I ended up completing most of it, and the kids jumped at times to help. Surprisingly, we were missing one small piece, but a friend/neighbor had an extra piece from prior Lego projects, and he came to my rescue.

Overall, it was fun. This was the most complicated set I’ve ever done – 3300 pieces. The best strategy I came up with was:

  1. to open each bag (loose pieces and 1-2 smaller bags with more pieces), but keep them in separate piles. This way it was easier to find the different types of pieces you need.
  2. For each step, find all of the pieces that you need to complete that particular step. All of them. Work on those. Complete that step.
  3. Only then, move onto the next step.

If you do this, then you reduce the risk of using the wrong pieces, or forgetting something.

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