Outdoor Christmas decorations and new landscape lighting

Last weekend, it took a family effort to decorate the exterior for Christmas. But, we did it! Okay, we skipped the lawn decorations this year, but we can live without them.

Some news – earlier this month, I had one of our electricians come out to finally install an additional GFI outdoor outlet box. This has been a long time coming, as I’ve needed that so I could run an another line of low-voltage landscape along the house and towards the garage.

Working quickly, Josh assembled the light fixtures, and I installed them along the walkway. I put in 4 spotlights to light up the house, and 3 pathway lights for the walkway. I think it looks good.

Next year, if we decide to keep the large pine tree, I may extend one of our existing low-voltage lines and light that up too. But I’d prefer to remove it. We’ll see. When the snow melts, I am considering adding a few more focused spotlights to light up parts of the roofline. When it’s warmer!

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