Garage clean-up and reorganization project continues

Do I talk about the garage a lot? Too much? If I do, I apologize. It’s been a large project for me that I took on. I’ve been progressing with it slowly, due to finite time and resources. I’m either making progress in leaps and stages, or sometimes only incremental changes. The biggest updates have been the two sections of Gladiator GearWall that we’ve been installing.

Last year, we put up a large section of GearWall near the commercial freezer. See first picture below, far corner. There are 6 of these 8′ GearWall panels mounted in into the studs. That section is primarily for storing the ladder, power tools. and extension cords. For a time, I stored my bike there. 

This month, we worked on the next phase for organizing the leisure stuff. The kids have been helping me install a 2nd Gladiator GearWall section along the back wall. First, we had to remove and relocate two GearTrack panels that we installed last summer, and I used them to support additional GearLoft shelving (each hold up to 100 lbs.) See 2nd photo, corner.

The 2nd section of GearWall for leisure stuff is composed of eight 8′ GearWall panels. Once up, it’s a best effort to figure out what should go where, so you have to think about what needs to be easily accessible, and what isn’t used frequently. You also have to employ any Tetris skills that you still retain from your childhood. I threw a lot up on there, and it’s neat to have the 3 bikes (and gear) hung up and out of the way. I managed to hang all of our lawn and beach chairs, beach toys, towels, and even coolers.

You’ll notice there’s any empty spot under my road bike in the picture above. That’s for my future hybrid bike.  🙂

That leaves me to two remaining garage projects for 2021.

  1. I’m still working how to fill up the tools section, but that will happen when I start emptying out the basement. 
  2. I have a few spots on the wall (and GearTrack) to better organize gardening and landscaping stuff, power washing detergents, and gasoline. I can work on that in Jan/Feb.

I’m in the home stretch, I think. I have to say it’s been so nice to be able to go into the garage and find exactly what we need without the digging around. The basement is the next big project to tackle in Feb/March, so I want this garage project complete in it’s entirety by then.

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