9th month of the pandemic and the end of my cycling season – 153.1 miles biking and running in November

Folks, that’s a wrap on the 2020 cycling season. While I will continue to hit the gym in December, I hung up the bike for the year.

In November, I mostly ran at the gym, but I was able to squeeze in the final 6 solo / group rides in November, for a total of 126 road miles. It’s too cold, people. And I’m not a cold-weather person. I like my riding days warm and sunny.

On Saturday Nov 28 (Thanksgiving weekend), the guys and I made our last ride of the year, a final 27 mile ride. After, we went to the Old Hights Brewing Company in town for a celebratory drink.

Bearing in mind, how did I do this year? Since January (including that wacky unseasonably warm day and I went riding in the middle of winter for the first time in my life), I have walked / ran / biked over 2500 miles. Remember, my annual goal was usually 500 miles.

The year isn’t over yet, so I hope to break 2250 before New Year’s Eve.


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