The spring and summer of Broadway shows

Namita has been on a lucky streak this summer. For some time now, she’s been playing these mobile app-based lotteries daily to perchance win discounted tickets to see various musicals on Broadway. Last year, she won two different pairs of tickets to see Hamilton. Namita & Lily went in February to see Hamilton (I thought it was suspicious, and then she won again in August and took Josh the night before our London trip. Crazy, but that lucky streak had to end there, right? Nah!

I went to see Hamilton in late June. Now that I’ve seen it, I understand what all of the fanfare is about. It’s a very good show! I was impressed by how they created such a modern show about events and characters from the 18 century.

Lily and Namita saw Frozen in July. They said the show was very good and the special effects were fantastic.

The girls also saw Pretty Woman. While Lily was entertained, my wife said the show was basically a retelling of the film, and there was no added value.

We won tickets to see Oklahoma and that was interesting. It’s a much different take on the original Rodgers & Hammerstein musical. It’s very avant-garde, less lighthearted, and a little off putting. Also, they gave out free vegetarian chili and cornbread during intermission. I thought it was so cool to see the award-winning cast up close and personal too.

Finally, we went to see Be More Chill. A very interesting and entertaining show about a nerdy socially inept high school kid who takes a special pill from Japan to make him cool. Would definitely recommend seeing it as it’s closing at the end of August.

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