A day out in Manhattan as the girls went to see Hamilton on Broadway

Through luck and about two years of determination, Namita won two tickets in a lottery to see Hamilton the Musical at the Richard Rogers Theater. For $10 a piece. Crazy! Gotta give my wife credit for her determination. We had the Girl Scouts World Thinking Day event in the morning, then Josh and I came to pick them up, and drive up to Secaucus. We dropped off the car, then took the train into New York Penn. We dropped the girls off at the front of the theater, and Josh and I walked around for a few hours.

First we walked down to Midtown Comics and perused two floors of comics and collectibles. We grabbed a late lunch at Shake Shack on Broadway (first time!), and it was pretty good (though slightly salty.) Then we walked back around to check out the Midtown Library and the Nintendo store at Rockefeller Center. We met the ladies back at the stage crew entrance where they were waiting for autographs. After that, we checked out the Hamilton souvenir shop, then made our way home via train and car. By the end of the day, it started to snow pretty heavy, so I’m glad we didn’t have any other plans for the evening.

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