Saturday night dinner and a show in New Brunswick

As part of Nums’ 5 day birthday extended weekend (how does she always finagle a weeklong birthday?), we took advantage of the kids being away. Lily had a sleepover at the Camden Aquarium the night before, and would be staying over with her grandparents on Saturday night. Josh was away for a weekend camping trip with his Boy Scout troop. That left us and the cats, and we ditched the cats!

We drove up to New Brunswick, checked into our room at the Hyatt. We got dressed up, walked over to The Frog and The Peach for dinner. We then walked over to Stress Factory to catch Arnez J at this 9:45 pm set. Very energetic and entertaining. We even got a photo with him afterwards!

Afterwards we walked back to our room for an easy night. In the morning, we were up early to grab the kids.

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