The Ipes Go on a London Holiday – Saturday – Are we gonna make it?

Before you leave for any trip, isn’t it always a little crazy? There’s often so much to wrap up at work, to set up at home, trip planning, etc, just so you can go relax for a while. It’s exhausting, and you really hope the trip (for business or leisure) is all worth it.

We had been planning this London trip for months, and only finally found a way to make it happen a few months ago. We made plans to take a red eye United flight Saturday, arrive Sunday morning, then sightsee the heck out of London for an entire week, then return in a week before Labor Day. We tasked Joshua and Lily with developing their list of top activities, locations, and restaurants. We purchased a 3 day London Pass with the hope to save money on admission to many attractions. We also bought tickets to see Les Miserables at Queen’s Theatre in the West End.

In the two weeks before we left the country, the kids did their normal stuff. They had been home all summer, apart from the summer trip here and there. It was a good life for them. On the other hand, as the adults, Namita and I were in a crazed panic to take care of work stuff (including my business trip to Boston in the final week), ordering trip supplies, like power adapters to use in the UK, a new Kindle for Lily, a new 64 GB SD card for my Nikon camera, etc.

Before we knew it, the big day arrived. We had to finish a lot of work stuff in the morning and early afternoon, and our Lyft driver would be arriving around 5:30 PM to drive us to Newark. We considered driving and parking like always, but we ultimately decided it would be more economical and easier to get dropped off. Check-in was a breeze, had time to sit around and waste time before the flight.

The flight itself was uneventful. We watched a little TV on…. the little TVs in the seatbacks (what a wonderful convenience), and ate surprisingly decent airplane Indian food for dinner. I don’t know what time it was, but we all nodded off somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean….


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