Trying out my new Nikon 35 mm lens, WD My Passport Wireless SSD, and Adobe Lightroom for iOS

For the upcoming India trip, I wanted to get some additional photography gear. For one thing, I’ve had my eye on a 35 mm fast prime lens for street photography and headshots. I’ve been using a 50 mm prime lens for headshots, but I learned later that particular lens is best suited for full frame cameras, or headshots in certain specific conditions. For one thing, you need to stand back pretty far to use it, and that’s not often an option.

With a 35 mm Nikkor prime lens, I plan to use that for days when we’re walking around. With a prime lens, there’s only one zoom level, so it’s important for the photographer to move around when composing his or her photo. This should be an interesting experience while in India.I only had the one 64 GB SD card, so I bought a second one as a backup.

Lastly, I needed something for backing up photos off of SD cards. I could use a simple card reader, but I don’t have a laptop. I’ve looking at the WD Passport Wireless SSD device for a while now. It’s one-stop upload – insert card, press the button, and it backs up all of your content to folders organized by particular SD cards and dates. Lastly, you can access it wirelessly. Seemed interesting, so I picked one of these too. Lily swore she would be vlogging on the trip using her little digital camcorder, and she could back up content to this device too. The first drive I received was defective, but Amazon was able to send me a new one overnight.

See the gallery above. I took pictures of the girls using the 35 mm lens, and I like the quality of the shot and the bokeh effect. The SD card…. worked (no surprise there). The 2nd WD Passport Wireless worked, but it’s a little slow. Is it the drive, or the iPad?

Using Lightroom for iOS was fine though, and you can see above that I did some post-processing on these two photos. However, I found trying to save and later export photos using the iPad a little cumbersome. I blame iOS and it’s secretive inner workings. I had no idea where photos were getting stored on the iPad. I had to take multiple steps to export photos to the Camera Roll, to my Google Drive, then pull down again. Oye ve. I kinda want a Windows 10 2-in-1 laptop now.

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