We bid farewell to the Toyota Highlander and welcome the Nissan Armada

October 2008 – when we traded away my beloved 1999 Honda Accord, and we purchased our 2008 Toyota Highlander. It’s been nearly 9 years of driving (approx 182,500 miles) around the country. 

It’s an interesting ride:

After 182K miles, the car is showing its age. After a recent maintenance checkup, the Toyota mechanics said the engine repairs weren’t worth it. So we began a long search to find a new car for Namita. Needed a decent third row, comfortable, plenty of features for long trips, similar safety and convenience features found in my Maxima (K.I.T.T), and a tow hitch for a future 4-bike rack. 

We tried a LOT of cars. Josh and I even went to the April 2016 New York International Auto Show to perform early car research. We looked at the Acura MDX (briefly), the Acadia Denali (for a long time), the new Toyota Highlander, the Yukon, the Suburban, the Tahoe. Namita looked at more cars than she ever wanted to. In the end, we decided on the 2017 Nissan Armada Platinum. She loves the color, the features, and the ride. And I’m finally getting my big bike rack so the kids and I can go biking in exotic places.

Good bye, Highlander. You served us well these nine years as our kids grew up, and took us to many places. You survived flat tires, a major accident, and the Ipes.

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