Goodbye Honda, Hello Toyota

It took two Saturdays, and a few hours of online researching, and a few calls with local dealers.  We settled on the 2008 Toyota Highlander Limited.  We did a lot of negotiating, and walked away happy with our deal. Today, we are the proud owners of a new 2008 Toyota Highlander Limited in “Magnetic Grey”, which I think looks pretty classy.  We certainly wanted the Limited, as it offered a lot of interesting features in one package.

2008 Highlander Limited

2008 Highlander Limited

Some highlights:

  • all-wheel drive
  • rear-view camera
  • keyless ignition
  • mudguards, 19″ alloy wheels
  • foglamps
  • power rear door (separately opening glass hatch)
  • leather seats (both driver and passenger adjustable power seats)
  • cold weather package (heated seats, heated sideview mirrors, heated windshield)
  • 9 JBL speakers (and subwoofer), MP3 jack, 6-disc in-dash CD changer
  • 3 climate-controlled zones
  • Power tilt/slide moonroof with sunshade
  • remote start (getting installed later this week)

The drive home was certainly different.  I’m more of a sedan-driving kind of fellow.  Driving a larger vehicle has a different feel that will take some getting used to.  I don’t think I’ll be able to slalom around other cars at 90 MPH anymore.  However, everything in the car works right now, so I will enjoy the simpler joys.

I was sad to complete the final once-over on my Little Honda That Could.  I very much wanted to surpass the 200,000 mile mark, and I certainly came close.  However, the last 9,000 miles was becoming impossible. For the past few months, the car itself was producing a significant level of noise while driving at varying speeds, and was extremely sluggish.  I had attributed it to a dying transmission, but one of the mechanics at a dealer diagnosed it as a rotted out front axle, which would have required an expensive replacement.

My poor Honda Accord.  I took the EZ-Pass tag out, did the once over, locked the doors, and handed over the keys.  It was a good ride, but all good things must come to an end.

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2 Responses to Goodbye Honda, Hello Toyota

  1. Ajo says:

    Congrats, I think you made a nice decision with a growing family and all. (Easier access for those car seats and safer than a car as well). A Rav4 owner salutes you, but I will miss that Honda too. I remember the day you first brought it to church!

  2. Leena OK :) says:

    Congrats on the new car! Too bad you didn’t make it to 200k with your Accord but now you can try with your Highlander 🙂 I wouldn’t mind a new car but not a minute before Sanjay’s Expedition is paid off! 2 car payments is brutal…been there!

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