Garmin, how much does it cost?

Last Saturday, on the way to one of the dealerships, we realized that the car power adapter for my Garmin nuvi 660 was broken.  The little silver tip was gone, nowhere to be seen.  We made it to the dealership, but man, my GPS!  Later, I looked online for a replacement, but I was floored by the replacement cost.

Garmin GTM 20

Garmin GTM 20

One of the reasons we got it was the FM traffic receiver, which allows the nuvi to display traffic information from TMC. The receiver is actually built into the power adaptor.  After using the initial complimentary 3 months of traffic service, I found it severely lacking in accuracy, and ultimately decided against paying for the service.  Looking to replace the exact item presently, I am amazed to find it it will cost me approx. $200 to buy this Garmin GTM 20 power adapter / traffic receiver.  Are they mad?  The whole set cost us around $300.  How much is the actual GPS unit — $100?

Thankfully, it is not my only option.  I can get a regular Garmin power adapter compatible with multiple Garmin units for just $18, which I ordered on Sunday.  In the meantime, I’m also exploring getting a replacement power adapter / traffic receiver through my still-in-effect 1-year warranty. Of course, I’m not doubting that Garmin may try to wiggle out of repairing/replacing, citing misuse.  It’s worth investigating.

BTW, I think the whole experience so far can be summarized with an “Argh.”

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