Egads, how much is gas again?

I drove my car to the office for the first time today. 80 miles round trip.  It was a very comfortable ride, fun to drive something new and in good condition, with plenty of features that I’ve never had before.  After work, I had to stop by the Babies R’ Us in Bridgewater to pick up some much needed supplies. It was so nice to have the powered rear door, and plenty of room to fit a new high chair and other items.

I ate some McDonald’s for dinner in my car (carefully) as the restaurant dining area was closed for the night.  I had the angus burger with swiss cheese and mushrooms.  I have to admit, fully knowing that I’m one step closer to death’s door after eating that burger, it was pretty tasty.

Back to the title of the post, egads, that car is no gas sipper.  I’m already at a 1/2 tank of gas left (or a 1/2 tank full for you optimists out there) after only 170 miles.  According to the onboard computer, it looks like I’ll be only getting 320 miles per fill-up.  Considering my old Honda in its decrepit state used to get me between 360 – 400 miles, this isn’t a plus for small SUVs or crossovers.  I’m going to stick to 65 MPH during my commutes, and determine if this improves the situation.

Or just apply for a flexible work schedule with 4 days in the office, 1 day working from home.  I’ve been meaning to apply for that for the longest time

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  2. mike greenberg says:

    17 MPG – enjoy

  3. Joel says:

    Yeah, I read the window sticker — a lot of the crossovers we looked at had comparable gas mileage, unless we went the expensive hybrid option, which we weren’t interested in.

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