Saturday ride to Bordentown

Namita and the kids were away (separately for the weekend, so I had Friday evening to myself, and most Saturday too.  What to do? Friday was pretty quiet — I worked out, watched The Avengers again on cable, and ate some KFC. On Saturday, I tooled around the house, ran some errands, then decided to go biking around NJ. I had planned to try to hit the Joint Base MDL, but saw a sign for Bordentown (and saw a possibility to reach the Delaware River), and I hung a right instead of a left. I ended up seeing Bordentown Historic District, took some pictures, ate some soft serve ice cream, and took a picture of the Delaware River (a small slice of it.)

I ended up riding 34 miles in about 2 hours and 30 minutes (see below, but I forgot to turn on the monitor twice — argh!), and I kept a good speed sprinting where I could. Beautiful day for a ride.

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