We finally got our closet doors

Back in late January, we redesigned and completely remodeled our hallway closet. The only component missing were closet doors, but we figured that I could go buy them at Lowes, and install them myself. Sadly, easier said than done. At Lowes one fine day, I was disappointed to discover that our closet width is about 1″ narrower than the standard 80″ wide bi-fold closet doors. Or 6″ too wide for the next size in doors. There was no 79″ variety available.

What to do? If I had a table saw, I could shave off a 0.25″ off each side, then hang and paint. Oh boy. Sorry, don’t have a table saw or a workbench. Crap. So we had to wait and hire and wait some more to finally them installed this month. They look good, but it was a long time coming. And more expensive than originally planned, but isn’t every home improvement anyway?

Houses are nice, but they’re like a money pit sometimes. Still better than an apartment though.


Our new closet doors

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