Brand new (and almost finished) hall closet

Our main hallway closet has been bothering us for a long while — it’s never been quite well organized. I’m sharing this tidbit, because I’m certain that many other families have encountered the same lack of organization issue. We’ve recently taken a number of steps to reorganize our lives, including our closets. Step 37 involved finding a solution to this particular closet. We contacted Closet Factory, who helped us redo the kids’ bedroom closet a few years ago, and we had them design some shelving for our particular hallway needs. It’s currently a work in progress, so don’t start judging. Last weekend, we emptied out the junk, and I ripped out the prior closet doors, shelving, and brackets. I spackled, sanded, and painted the interior. Today, we had the Closet Factory¬†installer come in and install the new shelving per our design instructions, and now it’s mostly done. What’s left is to select and install some closet doors, and we’ll soon be done.


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