Spring Break with the Kids

The kids a shortened Spring Break this year, on account of the higher than expected snow days this past winter. They had a full day on Monday, a half day on Tuesday, then off Wednesday – Friday. We didn’t have any major plans to go away on vacation, so I feel bad those families that did have plans. Namita and I worked most of the week, and I planned to take off Wednesday to take the kids out to the planetarium or somewhere. We didn’t huge plans laid out for the week, but the kids were to sleep over at my in – laws’ place with their cousin Sophia Thursday and Friday.

To start off that semi-normal Spring Break, I took the kids around to run some after-work errands on Fri April 11th, and then to a relatively new family owned ice cream shop that opened up late last year called Scoopers Gourmet Ice Cream. It has a nice neighborhood ice cream parlor theme, and they sell Thomas Sweet ice cream.

I was supposed to off the entire Wednesday, but there was a small flare up at work so I worked the AM. We missed the good 11 AM planetarium show down in Trenton, but I found out through my wife that the kids’ good friends Kaiya and Ellie were home with their dad Jason as well. He was also working that morning, and free in the afternoon. So we made plans to separately feed our kids, then all meet up at iPlayAmerica in Freehold to keep the kids busy.

The Ipes had a quick lunch at Burger King, and then found a huge line at iPlayAmerica. Guess a lot of people were thinking the same thing as we were. No matter, we didn’t lose any kids over 2+ hours, then we called an end to the madness. We decided to cap off the afternoon with a quick drive up Route 9 to Jersey Freeze. I’ve always seen it, but I’ve never been inside. It’s your typical ice cream and burgers joint. Jason and I chatted some more and the kids did impressions. Lots of laughing.

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