Easter 2014

I mentioned earlier that my niece Sophia was in town for Spring Break, staying with her grandparents, and the kids had a sleepover with her Thursday and Friday. My wife and I made plans for Easter Brunch with Num’s sister Anjana and her daughter Sophia after church. I made the reservations a few weeks in advance at Pierre’s in South Brunswick for 12:30 PM. We’ve been to Pierre’s for lunch a few times, and used their bakery services dozens of times. First time for brunch though. Pretty pricey as well for brunch, but guys aren’t generally big on brunch, so what did I know?

After church services and a wildly successful Easter Egg Hunt, we all drove to Pierre’s. Wow, a lot of people. Guess this was a big deal. In speaking to the guy handling the check in process, he said they were expecting one thousand attendees. Geez, all for brunch. The food was okay, but I don’t think it was all that. I had also begun to get pretty sick that weekend, so my stomach wasn’t all geared for a gastronomic feast.

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