Went to Manhattan to see friends and the tree in Rockefeller Center

On Saturday, we drove into Manhattan to visit our friends Kanishk and Sofi and their new son Lucas. They live down in Alphabet City but luckily found street parking after much circling. We hung out there for a while, then took the subway up to midtown. In hindsight, I should have taken photos while we were there, but I guess I wasn’t thinking.

We walked around Rockefeller Center to see the tree, see the lights…… and it was a magical 7 minutes.  Then the kids got tired, cold, and hungry. We walked around some more and decided to grab dinner at Ted’s Montana Grill on West 5 1st St. If we didn’t want to wait, we had to grab one of those high tables near the bar, but hey whatever. We ordered drinks (including hot chocolate for the kids), and entrees. Long wait for dinner to show up, but glad when it did.



Before we could go home, Josh desperately wanted to see the Nintendo Store (they have stores?) so we hung out there until closing. The subway ride back down to 14th St was uneventful, found the car in one piece, but getting home was long and painful. There was a large backup at the Lincoln Tunnel to get through, and we waited 30 minutes to get through. The NJ Turnpike was fairly clear until south of exit 9, then we sat in another hour of traffic due to construction and lane closures. By the time we got home after 1:30am, everyone else was sleeping, and I was tired of being behind the wheel.

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