I gave my two weeks notice

I gave my two weeks notice. It’s official. I ‘m moving on. 

On Monday, I informed my manager that I would be moving to a new opportunity after two years at Prudential in the Internal AUdit Department. We had a good long heart to heart conversation, which only yet again confirmed that she was a great manager to work for. My last day is Friday December 20th. I’ll be spending the next two weeks wrapping up audit work, and helping out where I can on minor housecleaning tasks. I’ve already performed what records management tasks I needed to perform a month ago, and my office workspace is fairly cleaned out. 

So why am I going, and where am I going? Earlier this year, I began considering my long-term career plans, and this included whether I wanted to continue here in an internal audit function. I started in external audit in 1999 straight out of school, followed by a year and some change doing security implementation work. I moved into internal audit for the next 11 years, which was fine for a time. But now I feel different. I wanted to do something else both different and challenging.

A few months ago, a former Citi colleague of mine contacted me, and informed me that he was moving into a new role within Risk Management at his firm, and they were looking to expand the group. Would I be interested? It doesn’t hurt to have a conversation. I went in for a few meetings with various individuals there, and it seemed like a good fit and an exciting new role. Final pre-clearance checks were completed by Monday morning, so I drafted up my resignation letter. 

I will be taking the last two weeks of December off to vegetate, recharge, to see friends I haven’t seen in a long while, and to do fixing up of the house. I start my new Risk Management role on January 6th. 

My first non-audit role in over a decade. Color me excited and optimistic.

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