My last day at Prudential

Today was my last day at Prudential. I was here for two years, two months. Certainly the shortest tenure at any organization in my career so far. I said all I need to say publicly in an earlier post, so I won’t talk about it again. My last few days were a rush to wrap up documentation of testing that I had left to do, documenting other side project work I had led the work on this past year so it wouldn’t be lost. I wrapped up everything around 1:30pm, then worked completed my “Exit Checklist”, said goodbye to my colleagues, then rushed to catch my train. I picked up the kids early, and took them to a Hobbit-themed party at our library. For dinner, we decided to all go out for dinner at our local favorite diner.

I’m sad to leave Prudential. It’s a great organization overall, and I’ll certainly miss the colleagues that I have worked with these past two years. This year, unfortunately, didn’t feel right, and it was time for a change. Looking forward to my upcoming time off, and starting anew next month. In the meantime, I have two weeks to catch up with 1) rest and relaxation, 2) old friends, and 3) odd tasks around the house.

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