Pack 53 December Feast

Our cub scout pack celebrated the end of the year with their traditional pack feast. All the dens bring in various dishes to share potluck-style. At the feast, it’s a short meeting, but there are also activities/entertainment. Some of the pack leaders stuff marshmallows in the mouths and try to say “Fluffy Bunny.” They announced which dens earned pizza parties.  Actually, this year, I made the announcement, as “Popcorn Colonel.” I also distributed prizes for those who earned them from popcorn sales. Now my popcorn responsibilities are over for another year. The top 11 popcorn sellers also got to throw pies in the faces of particular Pack leaders. Josh, as the #2 seller at just over $1,000, chose to throw a pie in my face. We’ve got some photos and video to post of this travesty against my face.

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