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Goodbye iOS, hello Jelly Bean. I upgraded to the new Samsung Galaxy S4

As per the norm, my technology purchases are very important to me. After two years, and only one iteration of the iPhone, I was ready to move on. Even though I had been initially interested in the upcoming Sony Xperia … Continue reading

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We bought ourselves a new LG washer from Lowe’s

Beginning a few weeks ago, the Kenmore washing machine that came with the house began to make a very loud whining noise as it agitated, which in turn began to agitate me. Why was it making that sound? Was it … Continue reading

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Joshua’s 2nd bicycle

It’s served him for three years, but Joshua’s first bike is now obsolete. We bought it April 4 2010, and I thought it would last him another year, but alas, he’s too big. How big? It looked a little low … Continue reading

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Successful home repairs on the backyard light and gate

A month or so ago, the top hinge on our backyard gate broke due to the wood attached to the fence post splitting. The best I could do temporarily was to use some rope/twine to tie it to the fence … Continue reading

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What do you use a wrench this size for?

This is one helluva wrench. What do you use it for? Is it only for use in an underwater dystopian city to defend yourself against splicers?

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Got me some new sneakers

After all the running I do at the gym, my old pair of sneakers are crumbling away. My wife was kind enough to help me find some decent Nike running shoes, and I got them on my birthday today. I … Continue reading

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Our first Cubarama event

This weekend, Joshua and I attended our first Cubarama event. For those of you now aware (though I became aware this month), Cubarama is a big two day camping trip to a local park in the county for multiple Cub … Continue reading

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Surprise romantic birthday dinner at Ruth’s Chris

My wife successfully surprised me on Friday night with an unexpected (and unplanned by me) dinner for two at Ruth’s Chris steakhouse without the kids. Definitely a nice start to a birthday weekend.

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Abin & Rosemary’s 2nd wedding reception

Rosemary and Abin got married in India back in December, so her brother Pradeesh and his wife Sona hosted a 2nd wedding reception on Saturday, April 16th at Royal Alberts Palace¬†in Fords, NJ. I took some photos, and borrowed some … Continue reading

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Lily’s 5th birthday party

We celebrated Lily’s this weekend at Tiger Hall in Princeton. As my daughter is a big fan of pajamas and breakfast, my wife had the ingenious idea to make it a pajama party. All of the kids came in pajamas, … Continue reading

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