Successful home repairs on the backyard light and gate

A month or so ago, the top hinge on our backyard gate broke due to the wood attached to the fence post splitting. The best I could do temporarily was to use some rope/twine to tie it to the fence until I could either fix it, or hire someone to fix it. A year or so ago, we had a local handyman company come and rebuild the broken fence. Now I had another broken fence. Home ownership is a pain sometimes. So I added that to the Joel “To Do” list, including replacing the front and back exterior lights, and making some other small repairs around the house.

Replacing the backyard exterior light was a little annoying, but I was able to finish that in a little more than an hour. I had considered fixing the gate myself to save money, but free time became questionable, so my wife asked that I consider having another handman company fix the gate when they come to fix a few other things beyond my skills around the roof. Unfortunately, I haven’t found anyone available to do it, so I put  the gate repair job back on my to-do list. I measured the board, and Josh and I hit our nearest Lowe’s to get a replacement board of pressure-treated wood that would match the necessary dimensions, and bought a whole mess of galvanized lag screws and nails. It wasn’t easy to hang a gate by myself, but with some odd bricks and leftover pieces of wood, I was able to keep the gate vertical long enough to mark and pre-drill the holes, nail and fasten the gate, and voila!

I’m not having much luck removing the old exterior light in the front yard, but I hope to get to that next weekend. Oh, and also painting the replacement fence slat. Man, is nothing ever done?


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