Our first Cubarama event

This weekend, Joshua and I attended our first Cubarama event. For those of you now aware (though I became aware this month), Cubarama is a big two day camping trip to a local park in the county for multiple Cub Scout and Boy Scout packs. While some scouts camp out over the weekend, most other scouts come for one or both days to play games. They had cart racing, rock throwing, archery, rubber band rifles, knot tying, basketball, hiking, fishing, etc. We had a filled Saturday this weekend already, but we made time between watershed cleanup and dinner with friends in Montclair NJ to hit up Cub-A-Rama for a few hours.

Surprisingly, my bookworm of a son enjoyed rock throwing the most. He got a bucket of rocks, and attempted to knock or break various objects on the “firing range.” Who knew?

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