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Lily’s second birthday

This year, Lily turned two years old. Gosh, that went fast.  She’s out of the toddler room, and has moved into the preschool prep classroom. It feels so recent that Josh himself was in that room. Time flies. Now Josh is … Continue reading

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Please don’t reply all

Has this happened to you at work? Some email goes out and it includes a few hundred other other individuals in the organization. Most of the time, it seems to be simple mistake when the sender chose the wrong distribution list. … Continue reading

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Deploy the Whoppers! Wait, pull back the Whoppers!

I read that the U.S. military would be removing commercial restaurants on U.S. bases in Afghanistan, such has Burger King, Pizza Hut, and Dairy Queen. To a degree, I understand the point of view that it’s a mission, and the troops … Continue reading

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My friend Sayali moves to London

This week, my friend (and coworker) Sayali had her last day in the NY Metro offices. She is transferring to London, moving with her husband in another week. I organized the lunch party with the help of some of my … Continue reading

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The car isn’t ready yet, but we saw it with our own eyes

We’re at the 5 1/2 week mark, and the car is still at the body shop. We’ve run through our options on borrowing various cars from family, rental cars, and working from home. This week, I have a loaner car from … Continue reading

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What’s up with Flickr cramping my style?

Something is up with Flickr, and I can’t figure it out. I’ve been using a free Flickr account to host my moblog (mobile blog?) for only God knows how many years now, and it’s been fine. I lie — I started on March … Continue reading

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I hung up some pictures today

I hung up some pictures today. It’s a momentous occasion. Why? Lemme ‘splain. Picture it. Sicily, 1942. A young Mussolini had come to power…… let’s try this again. Picture it. Christmas, 2008. I bought a set of 10 shadow boxes … Continue reading

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Party for the kids at our house

Every month, a circle of our close friends get together to celebrate those celebrating birthdays that month. In March, it’s just both of our kids. To celebrate, we hosted a party Saturday night for the kids, and invited some of our friends. … Continue reading

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It’s curtains for you!

The window treatments are officially up. The top of the living room window is 12′ off the ground, and oh, we don’t have a ladder. After pricing out buying a ladder or hiring a handyman who owns a ladder, my … Continue reading

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I bought some new shoes

Proving myself right yet again, here’s another example of my stuff crumbling to dust in my hands (or in this case, on my feet.) My black dress shoes. Earlier this month, while I was walking inside the Pavonia Newport PATH station, … Continue reading

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