It’s curtains for you!

The window treatments are officially up. The top of the living room window is 12′ off the ground, and oh, we don’t have a ladder. After pricing out buying a ladder or hiring a handyman who owns a ladder, my friend Doug offered to drive over to our house and install it for us with his ladder.

Eureka! I worked from home, occasionally helping out where I could. Between the new interior paint, the new slipcovers and accent pillows, and the new light fixtures, we’re finally catching up on all the remodeling that we’ve had on our list. You can’t do everything, so we’ve always done little things here and there. The recent work was a big chunk of the to-do list.

The living room itself is not yet complete, but we’re damn close. What’s left? Duh, my flatscreen HDTV, of course. Say it with me. Mwahahahahahaha.

Our window treatments are installed

Our window treatments are installed

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