What’s up with Flickr cramping my style?


I'm scared it will conquer my arteries, but at least my moblog photos have a new home.

Something is up with Flickr, and I can’t figure it out. I’ve been using a free Flickr account to host my moblog (mobile blog?) for only God knows how many years now, and it’s been fine. I lie — I started on March 16 2006, but you get the point that it’s been a long time. It was free. I used to have a Flash badge on the old site that rotated a new picture with every reload. It worked, and life was good.

Starting January 2010, Flickr won’t show any of my 2010 photos. If I log in, I’ll see every photo, but if you-as-a-casual-visitor click on the moblog link to Flickr, you won’t see any photos after Dec 2009. What gives? I’ve checked the Support pages and looked online for additional information, but I got nothing. I have a grievance!

Since I can’t figure it out, and I have all these stupid non-entertaining and random photos accumulating on my Blackberry, I’m going to start adding them to the monthly photo gallery. I’ve already gone back and added them to the Jan-Feb-March 2010 galleries, and uploaded the revised albums. Keep in mind that the captions will come later, but for now, it’ll do in the meantime.

Flickr, you’ve angered me.

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