Why I nearly had an Verizon-related aneurysm today

To get all caught up, read this. Now for the weekend. As a reminder, the week of June 29th, Verizon promised to have a new fiber optic cable buried underground later that week.  Then about two days later, they called me to inform that they couldn’t be out there earlier than July 13th, and yes, I need to be home for them, 8am – 5pm. Now, continue below.

  1. On Sunday, I thought to myself, if the cable-burying guys are the same as last time, they won’t come into the house.  Doesn’t a tech have to come too?  I called tech support and they confirmed that I was right, and there should be a tech present.  The rep schedules one, but won’t provide an exact time.  He will just come along at some point in the day with the cable-burying subcontractor.  Why does the customer have to remind Verizon what they need to do?
  2. By 4pm, I’ve seen nobody from Verizon, and it’s just an hour to go before quitting time at 5pm. Calling again, the Verizon folks couldn’t tell me if they came or not. That’s right.  After holding again, the rep told me it was scheduled for tomorrow (July 14th.) And they had no idea what time a tech should come out – again estimated 8am-5pm. Tomorrow?  It’s been July 13th for two weeks, and now it’s another day?  I’m supposed to change my schedule again for them?  Furious with him, the rep backtracked, and recommended me to call the subcontractor directly to complain. Do you know who he gave me?  Regular (non-FiOS) Verizon Billing and Sales. And they didn’t know anything about the contractor.
  3. I later discovered the cable-burying folks did the work at some point over the weekend without needing me to be home, because the cable I saw over the weekend came from underground.  Why was I told to be home in the first place?
  4. Still, the folks in Dispatch (the DRC) confirmed they could only send a tech out to connect me at the earliest on Tuesday.  There was no way I was taking another day at home.  My boss would kill me. What happened to working until 8pm like the installers?  They said installations are different. For techs, the cutoff time is 5pm.  If I can’t change my schedule, it will have to wait until the weekend. I really complained at that point, absolutely furious.
  5. The dispatch center called back, and offered to try for the weekend. I said sure, and they would call me back by 5:30pm. BTW, they never called.
  6. Unbelievably, the same Verizon tech who came out to do repair work last Tuesday July 7th rang my doorbell at 6:15pm.  The Dispatch center called him last second, and sent him to my house.  I was glad, but see rule above about not working past 5pm.  It’s the rule, eh?
  7. After a brief scare, the new underground cable works.  The tech cleaned up, and left around 7pm.

Seriously, my wife said it best.  I almost had an aneurysm today. God strike me down if I’m lying, but these people are out of their collective f#*king minds.

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