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A moment of silence for my Atlanta Bread Company

Whether it be a vacation day, or more likely a working from home day, a secret pleasure of mine is to get lunch at our local Atlanta Bread Company. It’s a pretty nice place.  Excellent sandwiches and soups, nice clean … Continue reading

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Good news – no interruptions of phone, internet, or TV!

I may start one of those counters similar to those on construction sites recording how many days since the last workplace accident, except tracking outages. We’re officially at “2 days since our last Verizon outage.”  🙂 When the service is … Continue reading

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Home with two sick Ipe munchkins

I think this fits the definition of irony.  I had intended/scheduled Thursday the 9th and Friday the 10th as vacation days, as I hoped we could  take a 4-day weekend trip via train to Boston.  The schedule/logistics/cost didn’t quite work, … Continue reading

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