It’s getting hot in heeere, and I’m takin’ off my clothes

Geez, it was hot in the house today.  I was working from home today, waiting for Verizon to show up all day, and no central AC. I opened every window in the house, hoping for the fabled “cross-ventilation”, working in the dining room, with a fan positioned 2 feet from my face.

With the downstairs hot, the upstairs is naturally an oven.  It’s been so hot that I can’t even use my PC, as we’ve been receiving warning messages from my NVidia video card within the PC that it was slowing down to compensate for the heat.  According to what I saw on the temperature monitor, it’s been about 135 degrees in the PC case.  I figured that wasn’t good.  There was probably too much accumulated dust in the case, plus the circulation under my desk has never been good with that stupid crow’s nest of wires everywhere.

Monday night after my parents left, I moved my desk a few inches to the right, cleaned out the PC chassis, and redistributed the wires to power strips on either side of the desk.  This way, I get more air circulation, and hopefully lower temperatures. With all of our troubles, my wife wouldn’t take well to finding my PC turning into a molten metal, and burning through the floor into the living room below.

I took a screenshot tonight, and so far, so good. I did see it reach 109, but it dropped after that. It appears to be holding at around 100 degrees or less.

NVidia video card temperature monitor

NVidia video card temperature monitor

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