Justice League – Starcrossed: The Movie (2001)

Since we got the new FiOS DVR, we’ve created brand-new season passes, er, “series” to catch up on other shows we didn’t watch regularly.  I’ve recently been catching up on my Justice League and Justice League Unlimited episodes.  A few years ago, I somehow missed this whole epic Thanagar-invading-Earth storyline that preceded Justice League Unlimited.  I found the movie, Justice League – Starcrossed: The Movie, available on Netflix, so I queued it up.  BTW, (I love Netflix and lamp.

I’m not going to go into the entire plot.  If you are into the 1990’s animated Batman and Superman series, you were probably into the Justice League series as well.  You can read a good review on Toonzone.net. The movie was pretty good for JL and entertaining, though I was surprised to learn it was released back in 2001.  Gosh, that’s a long time ago. I’m just catching up now?

Justice League - Starcrossed the movie

Justice League - Starcrossed the movie


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