Whoa, when did they release a new version of Facebook for BlackBerry?

You know, for somebody who tries to keep on all the new releases, how did this sneak up on me?  RIM released Facebook for BlackBerry 1.6 last week.  I downloaded it via BlackBerry App World, but you can also try www.blackberry.com/facebook (which btw didn’t work for me.) 

In the 5 mins I’ve tried it out, it looks better, but my Friends list is taking a LONG time to refresh.  A nice new feature that I noticed is that now you can comment on a particular friend’s status directly from the Status Updates screen.   Also, a click to your buddy’s profile picture shows you their wall within the application itself, and you can view and scroll through photos directly within the app. 

Features that have been long overdue, my friends. Long overdue.

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