I couldn’t keep fish sticks alive

The Gorton's Fisherman and I go way back

The Gorton's Fisherman and I go way back

Seriously, even if the Gorton’s Fisherman was living with me, we couldn’t keep the aquarium fish alive. I might have better luck if I threw a bunch of fish sticks into the aquarium at this stage.  Thank goodness I opted to cut my proverbial teeth on freshwater fish.  When they die, it only costs me about $5 a fish.  Imagine if I had tried to manage a saltwater aquarium?  Those marine fish can cost over $50 each!

So what happened, you are wondering?   I’ve been periodically replacing one or more every other month.  A few months ago, I used to have 9 fish, but two died.  To replace them, I bought two Sunburst Platys.  That weekend, 5 of the fish died.  In the Star Wars game Knights of the Old Republic II,  there are two female Twi’lek assassins called the Twin Suns.  I’ve now nicknamed these two Sunburst Platys the “Twin Suns” as I’m certain they assassinated the majority of the fish in my happy little aquarium.

I’ve been meaning to clean the tank and replace the filter recently, but I’ve missed the past two weekly water changes I normally do.  I’ve been bad about doing the water changes since March.  This morning, the two Plecos I purchased back on August 12th (huh, ironic Aug 12 blog post title in hindsight) were dead as…. fish sticks.  Argh.  How am I going to explain to Josh that Nemo and Dory died?

After dinner, I cleaned the tank out as best I could, and they look happier.  I have to do it again this weekend.  After I clean it, I intend to hit Petco or Petsmart, and buy some additional fish for my lonely aquarium, and some new live plants.  Add some spackle, and I should be all done.

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