Daily Archives: June 14, 2009

Safari 4

I’ve been testing out Apple’s Safari 4 web browser for a few days.  Personally, I’m a Firefox man myself, but I’m always interested in new shiny things. Safari has some cool features built-in, like a coverflow history browser, and a … Continue reading

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Cashback (2006)

So……………. Cashback. That was an odd movie. We have Hotel Rwanda sitting in our living room for almost two weeks now.  I want to watch it, because it is an acclaimed movie.  Nobody wants to watch it, because it’s going … Continue reading

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Administering and redesigning the church website

I seem to be back in the website administration business. Just when I get out, they pull me back in.  Well, not quite, but I’ll explain. For the uninitiated, through the years in addition to my personal ode to self-indulgence … Continue reading

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