Comcast! What are you doing to us?!?!?!?

My wife called me Tuesday to inform me that both the digital cable and internet were both out.  Reset modems and cable boxes, and we’ve still got nothing.  I haven’t been able to dial out to their 800 customer service number, so I’ve been contacting them via Live Chat online.  So far, I’ve spoken to “Earl” and “Bruce”.  I wonder how many Earls and Bruces there are in Chennai?

After chatting with “Earl” Tues afternoon, they were able to send a tech to look at the outdoor box on Wednesday, but according to my wife, no luck.  Wed night, I chatted with “Bruce”, and he didn’t have any great details.  However, what he did know was that the tech reported the cable line was damaged.  Damaged?  What the heck is going on?  How are we having all these issues right when we’re ending our cable service?  Isn’t this just bizarre timing?

Funny though, I don’t know if the chat reps from Comcast were all that bright.  I’m chatting with Bruce, and he asks me to reset the cable box.  I tell him, uh, I’m not at home — I’m travelling internationally.  If I have no internet access at home, how could I be home chatting? It took him a few seconds, then he said, “I see sir.” Natual mistake, I guess.

Since my wife has to, you know, go to work, we’re not going to have the situation resolved until Monday.  You bet your sweet bippy that I’m going to get some sort of credit for no cable/internet for a week.

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  1. ComcastMark says:

    I am glad to know that you are able to access the internet overseas and share your experience 

    I do apologize for the lack of cable and internet connection at your home. As you stated, there is a service call scheduled on Monday. I know your wife is working but if she is not scheduled to work over the weekend, I can certainly reach out to my contacts to see if we can have a technician come over this weekend.

    I will also make sure that your account is issued a credit for the service that you did not receive. You can contact me at the email provided below if you are interested in my help.

    Thanks for providing the opportunity to assist and have a safe trip!

    Best regards,

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

  2. Joel says:

    Mark, although I am having issues with my service, Comcast is winning points from a customer service standpoint.

    Our biggest benefit to moving to Verizon is based on the return of many channels no longer available withour Digital Cable package, and saving nearly $50/month on phone/tv/internet. Unfortunately, based on calls I’ve had with Comcast CS reps, they couldn’t offer that type of pricing locked in for 2 years.

    Although we are still moving to Verizon at the end of the month, being valued as a customer is important. If there are issues with Verizon, we would be interested in moving back.

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