The $10,995 bike

Late lunch today between meetings, we ran to a nearby Subway for quick sandwiches. Next door to Subway is a cycling store called InVita Sport. I had seen the store back in April, but it was closed at the time.  I didn’t want to go in, so I did one of those hovering-at-the-front-door-wanting-to-go-in-but-not-sure-if-I-should deals, but the store owner smiled and called out to me that I could come in. I smiled and checked out the store.

My goodness, she had the most beautiful bicycles that I have ever seen, but I’d never heard of the names.  Speaking to the the owner, she said she focused solely on Italian frames, such as Wilier, Pinarello, and Torpado, based on the quality.  In my limited view, Trek and Cannondale were the biggies.  In that store, the Pinarellos were absolutely gorgeous.  Top-to-bottom carbon frames, forks, stays — the whole shebang.  I lifted one, and it was light as a feather. 

The prices made me put them down gently.  The average for the road bicycles were around $3000, and the time-trial bicycle in the window was a cool $10,995.  For that kind of price, you’d have to get it insured.  High prices, but they were just beautiful.

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