So we have cable tv and the internet back

A happy announcement — as of Monday afternoon, we had our cable tv and hi-speed internet back.  Cause for celebration? Yes.  Could it have been fixed sooner?  You betcha.  Let me explain.

Last Thursday, a Comcast technician was supposedly dispatched to our house to check the lines outside to find out what happened to our service, assuming something happened to the connections outside.  Lo and behold that night, we still have no tv or internet.  All the Comcast Live Chat rep can tell me from the details in the service record is that the technician noted that our lines were damaged.  Okay, but did they do anything to fix it?  No info.

So we waited for our service appointment until Monday. I got to the office super early, so that I could leave at 2pm to get home for the appointment.  Just before 3pm, I arrive home to find the Comcast van in our parking spot, and the technician snoozing in the van. I wake him up, and he tells me that he fixed the problem already.  Turns out, the cables outside our house were damaged, so he fixed them.


I told him that we had someone out here last Thursday who reported that.  Why wasn’t it fixed then?  Get this: this technician tells me that he doesn’t know, and “maybe he was a moron.”  We go inside, and verify that our service has been installed.  Can you believe that we could have been fine last Thursday, and I wouldn’t have had to jump through hoops on Monday for a job I didn’t have to be home for?


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