A busy November weekend

It was a busy November weekend.  On Saturday morning, we all drove to Kevin and Manju’s engagement.  There were 450 people at this event, held at the Royal Albert Palace in Fords, NJ.  I couldn’t get a decent picture of the engaged (and by Indian standards, “sanctioned”), so I took a picture of a box of mints-as-parting-gift with their visage on it.  It’s really the same thing, no?

It was a bit long, and hot, but definitely full of more activities than our engagement back in 2003.  Our was 1. eat the appetizers.  2. listen and pray.  3. eat lunch.  Actually, Saturday’s engagement was the same, just bigger.  I digress.

We were a little pressed for time when noon rolled around.  We had tickets for Playhouse Disney Live! at the Izod Center over at the Meadowlands for 3:30pm, and were waiting for Num’s parents to come meet us and take Lily off our hands. We ate quickly, her parents showed up, and we did the hand off.  The remaining three of us said our goodbyes, and we bolted to the Meadowlands.  We had enough time to find parking, change in the backseat from suits and salwars to jeans and sneakers, and get our seats.

Josh liked the show a lot, but I think he loved it after we got him a big ol’ box of popcorn.  Excuse me, but the cost of refreshments is outrageous.  In my mind, I can kinda/sorta/maybe rationalize a $4 hot dog, but a single bottle of soda costs $4.50?  That is price gouging.  We ended up sharing his popcorn and apple juice, but he only shared begrudgingly.  Okay, Josh, don’t share your popcorn, but I’ll remember this when college admissions season starts.  When you’re enrolling in your community college classes, and you realize you can’t meet a nice Indian doctor with wheatish complexion since you didn’t attend Cornell University, think about how much that popcorn was worth to you. Think about it.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, Saturday.  After the show, we hit some outlets briefly in Secaucus for children’s clothes, then picked up Lily.

On Sunday, we skipped church so the family could get some rest, and we did some stuff around the house.  Yes, we skipped church — it happens.  Some bishop somewhere is very upset. In the afternoon, we drove up to visit my parents.

That was the weekend.

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