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Spider-Man 3 (2007)

I watched Spider-Man 3 a la Netflix Watch Instantly (video streaming) on my PC tonight.  I was thinking back to 2006 and 2007, when I was blogging about how this movie looked so good. Yeah, not so much. Sometimes when … Continue reading

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New license plates

<confusion but resignation> The dealership has declared they have no idea what happened to my license plates.  Is that weird or what?  Instead, they are going to get new plates and vehicle registration for me, no charge, and have them … Continue reading

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2 out of 3 upgrades aren’t bad

<consternation> I don’t get it.  Last night after work, I made my way to the dealership, topped off the gas tank in the loaner, and pulled in next to my car.  I immediately noted that the license plates weren’t on … Continue reading

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