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A long week

I have had a very long week.  Issues getting to work on time in the morning (pouty kids, traffic, forgotten cell phones), people behaving badly, late nights, mental exhaustion, children who don’t sleep, the audit that never ends, catching up … Continue reading

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I don’t know why I don’t buy from more often.  I stepped into a Best Buy last week to get an AUX cable to connect my iPod to the car stereo, and I happened to see Iron Man (2008) … Continue reading

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GPS and heated windshields don’t mix

So, get this.  Two days ago, I’m heading to Bridgewater to do that shopping. Using my Garmin 660 GPS unit in the Highlander for the first time, I couldn’t get the GPS to acquire a signal.  I tried for 15 … Continue reading

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Egads, how much is gas again?

I drove my car to the office for the first time today. 80 miles round trip.  It was a very comfortable ride, fun to drive something new and in good condition, with plenty of features that I’ve never had before.  After … Continue reading

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Garmin, how much does it cost?

Last Saturday, on the way to one of the dealerships, we realized that the car power adapter for my Garmin nuvi 660 was broken.  The little silver tip was gone, nowhere to be seen.  We made it to the dealership, … Continue reading

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Goodbye Honda, Hello Toyota

It took two Saturdays, and a few hours of online researching, and a few calls with local dealers.  We settled on the 2008 Toyota Highlander Limited.  We did a lot of negotiating, and walked away happy with our deal. Today, … Continue reading

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Honda Accord, you were a sweet ride

All those years in high school and college, I dreamed about having my own car. While all the rich kids got new cars for turning 16, my parents were reasonable and responsible, and let me borrow theirs, took the time … Continue reading

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Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals (and the response)

I didn’t understand last Saturday’s clip, until I saw Andy Samberg’s original sketch from two weeks ago.  Ah, that makes sense.  Yo, Andy is spot on with his Mark Wahlberg.

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The Bank Job (2008)

On my day off, I went to have lunch and see this movie at my friend Doug’s house.  I wasn’t expecting it to take place in London in the 1970’s.  It was a decent movie, but nothing special.  Call it … Continue reading

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Yea for Columbus Day

I just realized/ woke up / found out / had an epiphany / looked at a calendar, and Monday is Columbus Day.  I don’t know about you, but it’s a day off for me.  A 3-day weekend has snuck up … Continue reading

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