A long week

I have had a very long week.  Issues getting to work on time in the morning (pouty kids, traffic, forgotten cell phones), people behaving badly, late nights, mental exhaustion, children who don’t sleep, the audit that never ends, catching up on work that actually never gets caught up on. I’m mentally out of it tonight, so I’m not even pretending to consider booting up the laptop.  Screw it, I’m chilling out tonight.

Tomorrow is Halloween, and the weekend is not too far beyond. My wife has been taking care of the Halloween preparations for the kids.  Josh is dressing up as a cowboy, and Lily is going to be a lamb.  I picked up cupcakes for Josh’s Halloween party in class tomorrow afternoon.  I probably wouldn’t have all the time and patience for all this planning for the kids, but my wife more than makes up for it.  God bless her.

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