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It’s a hot week in Dallas TX

It’s Tuesday night, and I’m in Dallas. This morning, I flew out on the first Newark flight on American Airlines. I was up at 3:30 AM to pack and do some last-minute tasks before leaving, and left the house at 5 AM. … Continue reading

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Back to NJ and off to a baseball game @ FirstEnergy Park

Woohoo, time for a big, fun-filled weekend. On Friday, we got out of the office a little late (the usual wrapping up of work), dropped off the rental car, and headed over to the ticket counter.  Of course, our flight … Continue reading

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Why is hotel TV so entertaining?

Do you know what I don’t get? When I’m home, I watch very little TV.  Maybe I don’t have a lot of time at home, maybe there’s not much on.  I’ve at the TV on at 2am while I was … Continue reading

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Body-revealing scanners at airports

Has anyone seen one of these backscatter x-ray machines at the airports?  They just rolled it out to NY JFK airport last month, apparently.  Reminds me a bit of that scene in Total Recall, or True Lies (interestingly, both Arnold … Continue reading

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