Body-revealing scanners at airports

Has anyone seen one of these backscatter x-ray machines at the airports?  They just rolled it out to NY JFK airport last month, apparently.  Reminds me a bit of that scene in Total Recall, or True Lies (interestingly, both Arnold Schwarzenegger sci-fi movies) where the scanners at transportation hubs show the entire body.

Backscatter X-ray and millimeter-wave imaging technologies that give Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers the ability to see through passengers’ clothing and look for prohibited objects hidden next to their bodies are being used at an increasing number of U.S. airports.

Here’s another article from LiveScience, plus a sample picture.  Talk about revealing.

Backscatter x-ray image

Backscatter x-ray image

Susan Hallowell, the director of the Transportation Security Administration’s security laboratory, allows her body to be X-rayed by the “backscatter” machine at the Transportation Security Administration in Egg Harbor Township, N.J., Wednesday, June 25, 2003

In other travel news, according to, here are 13 beach escapes that won’t bust the bank.  I’m adding these to my destination travel wish-list.

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